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Sri Lanka is like a puzzle, a small island which is waiting to find it in the North, South, East or West. As you pass the ancient ruined cities you will be amazed at the variety of sights, and you will see green rice fields with vibrant little villages that offer exquisite cuisine.

The attractions you’ll visit more, the more you will want to explore other hidden treasures of this significant island. for example, We also boast some of the most sensational sapphires in the world. Our surfing hot spots keep the avid surfer repeatedly returning. Diving and snorkeling are unforgettable with our marine life as diverse as our land itself. Similarly like other countries we have many national parks for wildlife in tropical jungles and in the hill country our world famous tea plantations.

Furthermore the arts are as distinct to Sri Lanka as the people themselves, discover our cultural dancing and festivals and finish off with shopping time. All of these and much more to explore in all around this small island. This is why visit Sri Lanka is more important in your holidays.

The History of Ceylon

Known as the pearl of Indian Ocean which was a present from the ancient Sri Lankans. The heritage of passed ancients like sigiriya, Anuradhapura and polonnaruwa monasteries and all the carvings as well as paintings in dambulla caves shows us the technology of Sri Lankans. The most unbelievable thing is in that ancient time people build many artificial lakes in everywhere to keep water for their farms and everything.

Even more this island is full of natural resources like pearls in the ocean, gems in the land and the green lands which give us plenty of natural water resources and fresh air. Also the countryside is the best place to grown all type of farming. This is a reason Sri Lanka had many business relationships with many countries in the world. A history running back about 5000 years before there were tribesmen as teams name Yaksha, Naga, Dewa and Raksha.

Also a prince named vijaya exiled from India with a group were started another community in Sri Lanka. According to the chronicle mahawamsa Sinhalese civilization started with this mix Indians and Lankans about 543-500 BC. The history from 3rd Century BC to 19th Century is the most important time. During that time period many kings build many monasteries temples big Stupas running in to the sky.

Also Architectural system and carvings, Agricultural system which makes huge lakes and stored water to use in the dry season. Above all huge long canals bring water everywhere in the kingdoms.

Present Sri Lanka

The land size of 65610 square kilometers divided to 9 provinces in to 25 districts living about 21.92 million population includes nationalities of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malay and Burgher. However Sinhalese are the majority of the country since they are the natives and others are minorities. Religions of Buddhism, Hindus, catholic, Christians and Islam are believes of above nationalities.

Sri Lanka tour holidays will give you a different experience to be with these different people and culture. One of major export from Sri Lanka is Tea. Introduced in British colonial period in 1824. And then again bring in 1839 in research purpose. Meanwhile as economical farming first tea estate established in Sri Lanka by Mr James Taylor in 1867. This tea bring from India even tea was originally found in China.

Meanwhile visit Sri Lanka, do not forget to buy the world best black tea from a factory on the hill country. There are many options for visit Sri Lanka. Those are Public Buses and Trains. Buses will access to almost all the cities. But Train transport is only accessible to the main cities.

However those systems are really slow even it is cheaper. This will cause lose lots of interesting attractions to visit during your short vacation. So the best way for memorable vacation and enjoy a different attractions, culture, history and foods is, hire a Guide or a Chauffeur. You’ll be astonished because we are different than others.