Anuradhapura is a city nearby the river of Malwathu Oya on the northern plain area of Sri lanka. From 6th century BC until to 12th century AD, Anuradhapura was the kingdom of Sri Lanka. Since Buddhism established during the Anuradhapura period. Also this city known as the sacred city of ancient Sri lanka. In the same way ancient Anuradhapura divided to 8 monastery areas. Those are as Maha vihara, Abhayagiriya, Jethawanaramaya, Thuparamaya, Inner city, Southern Monastery, Pashcimaramaya and Paacheena thissa pabbatha monastery.

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya. Anuradhapura (sacred Bodhi tree)

This sacred tree is found in the sacred city of Anuradhapura. Also It is a very holy property of Buddhist’s in the whole world as well. In 250 B.C. the mission headed by Thera Mahinda. The son of the emperor Dharmasoka in India sent to Sri Lanka to propagate Buddhism. On their arrival king Devanampiyatissa welcomed and accepted with the honor. the gift of Dhamma (Buddhist doctrine) and so many became Buddhists.

Lova Maha Paya (Bronze Palace)

In front of the Northern entrance of the sacred Bo Tree. This ruined building found with a number of stone pillars is Lova Maha Paya or the Bronze Palace. It’s built by king Dutugemunu in 161-137 B. C. This mansion originally built with 9 floors and the roof covered with copper-bronze tiles. Hence it is known as “Lova-Prasada” alias Lova Maha Paya. This is the tallest building that time.

Chathus Salawa – Maha Vihara Alms Hall in Anuradhapura

Passing the Bronze Palace, proceeding towards the Ruwanweliseya to the right side this can be seen. The king Devanampiyatissa built this. Chathus Salawa means a square hall. Used by the monks, for having their meals (Daane). The kings belonged to the later periods. Also had done renovations and had sponsored supplying the alms (Dane) for the monks in Maha viharaya. It seems that at least for 3000 monks would have been supplied with alms from the rice boat here. It is 14.5 meters in length. According to the Chinese monk Rev Fa-Hsien’s reports, it is proved that there had been 3000 monks living in Maha viharaya.

Ancient hospital belonged to Maha Viharaya

This ancient hospital situated near the main entrance of Ruwanweliseya Stupa. The creator of this hospital is not reveal. Since there wasn’t any exact information about this hospital in some of chronicles, cannot decide this built in king Dutugamunu’s period. Because if they’ve do this, it must be in at least some of inscriptions found around the premises. So, this hospital may build during king devanmpiyatissa’s period due to Mahamevnawa garden has been offered to the monks, the king may think they need a hospital. So, he may build this due to this reason.

Ruwanweli Maha Saya in Anuradhapura (Ruwanweliseya Stupa)

This giant Stupa built by one of a Hero in Sri Lanka name King Dutugamunu in 2nd century BC. King Dutugamunu done a large amount of works of this stupa. But he could not complete the work as the king stung by a cobra being very seriously ill. Since he wanted to complete the stupa before his death, his brother Saddatissa, covered the whole dome with a white jacket made by seamstress and decorated with art works. After king Dutugamnu’s death, king Saddatissa finished the rest construction of the stupa and the chronicles saying for the opening ceremony of the stupa 1389000 monks attend from various countries.

Thuparama Stupa

According to great chronicle mahavamsa, this stupa may build in Buddha’s third visit to Sri Lanka. But, it’s rebuilt as it is now by king Devanampiyatissa with advice of monk Mihindu by enshrining the right upper jaw bone relic of Buddha. The king vasabha built a unique architectural feature a Vatadage, which is known as Thuparama in 65-109 A.D. for the protection of stupa. This stupa covered by a room build on granite pillars. All those pillars beautifully carved. Also this stupa known as the first stupa in Asia.

Abhaya Giri Vihara monastery

Located in north of the inner city in Anuradhapura kingdom, being a very large monastery complex. This monastery complex included with many things which is not easier to describe. Some of valuable things as given below

Twin ponds

  • stone flower pot
  • biggest pond anuradhapura
  • dual ponds
  • twin ponds

These two ponds located in east of Abhayagiri monastery complex. This creation known as built by king Aggabodhi during his period 575-608 A.D. doesn’t have any information about the name of this pond when there was a one. But, after build the second one, its name as twin ponds. According to the history of Anuradhapura these twin ponds built for the monks. For their bathing. In addition to the bathing importance, it’s artistic quality and the creative technology is very quality and interesting.

The Samadhi Buddha statue

This statue built during 3-4 AD. Creator of this is unknown. Samadhi statue accepted the most distinguished statue in Sri Lanka. It is considered as one of the greatest sculptural Art of early period. There’s proves that it had been painted by gold color. There’s a patch in just behind the right arm pit.  Also a another great feature of this statue is, 3 emotional faces. Look at the statue from left, right and front sides will see different emotions.


One of a most important and wonderful carving. This explaining the life circle of human’s. It’s describe human’s life exactly according to teaching of Buddha. Outer fire line, 4 animals line, flower line, sworn with flower line, flower line and lotus flower. This amazing creation carved on a special white granite which is very shinning with the moon lights in the Full Moon Poya days. In this reason this creation called Moonstone. In Sinhala “Sandakada Pahana”. Sandakada means, half of moon. Pahana means, lamp.