At Sri Lanka for Vacation Tours, the most important is safety of our travelers, leaders, guides and operators are a foremost priority.

Before traveling to Sri Lanka, it is important that you check travel alerts your government’s foreign travel advice website or other means. Must be able to check, understand and meet all travel needs including you:

Travel Alerts

Find out if your government allows you to travel to your Sri Lanka

Contact us or log on to the link given below for more information about travel alerts in Sri Lanka. / i.e. entry requirements (i.e. need proof of vaccination, quarantine, and self-isolation or COVID test?)

Consider the need to return to your home country back from the Sri Lanka (i.e. do you need evidence of vaccination, quarantine, self-isolation or COVID testing?)

Look back at what travel insurance is available to travel to your destination

Whether migration through other destinations affects any of the above

Sri Lanka is currently facing an economic crisis. This causes a level of civil unrest, fuel shortages and intermittent power outages. Some tourist destinations may be closed at short notice and some services may be affected. All our trips are implemented with emergency planning to ensure a high quality experience, however customers may experience interruptions during their trip. We encourage customers visiting Sri Lanka to be flexible and patient.

For government information regarding tourism can be read via the link given below