Where is Horton Plains

A national park rich with natural fresh air, flora and fauna locate in Nuwara Eliya District. Horton plains known as the roof of Sri Lanka which has adventure trekking and very rich with naturally. A Dangerous and a beautiful scenic place name World’s End also in here. In 1833 this area were discovered by Mr Robert Horton who was the governor in Sri Lanka at that moment. To remember him this jungle name as Horon Plains national park. But in the ancient it was known as Maha Eliya or Maa Eliya. In size of 3162 hectares jungle located about 7000 feet above sea level.

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Ways to Access

From Ohiya to Horton plains can see a black bridge and from Horton plains to World’s End can see a red bridge. From there alone Belihul oya river can see Chimini pool and ruins of Elugath (goat foot) pool and bakers fall, Gem mine pool, Thotalaga pool as well. All these ponds located in the plains not belongs to Horton plains. About 7800 acres area enclose a side with dangerous animal’s jungle and the other side with beautiful grass land. Mahaveli, Kelani and Walawe rivers starting from this Horton plains as well.

In the ancient time people called this as Maha Eliya or Maha Thanna. King ravana prohibited entering to this jungle to protect the biodiversity in here. King ravana’s flight name Dadu Monaraya (pushpaka yana) also were in this area and according to the history it’s landed in the place name Thotupala Kanda. According to the researches of archeological department, before 5th century which Sri Lanka kingdom started, these areas were colonization in Horton plains.

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After and Before Invasion

Before English invasion biodiversity and animals in this jungle were protected and grown very well. After the invasion British government make this place as a park for hunting. Many of Tuskers were killed here to get the tusks. All the animals shift from here to down-south. Yala and Udawalawa. Even this jungle named by Mr Horton, this was founded at first by Mr Thomas Far who was an explorer. While he was hunting samba deer he found this plain area. This is the reason there’s a guesthouse in there named “Far Inn” to remember him.

Belihul oya river bring more beauty to this jungle. Horton Plains starting from the place where King Ravana landed his air flight. Place name Thotupala kanda height about 7741 feet above sea level. Mr Samuel Baker who built a farm in Nuwara Eliya in 1849 started the pools in Horton plains. He introduced a type of fish name “Red Herins” in to those pools as well. Also he found the water fall in there and it names as Baker’s Fall. In to the right side of Baker’s fall can see the governer’s pool.