The famous Hikkaduwa Beach City is one of the best beaches in the island. Attractions in Hikkaduwa Tourist places in and around Hikkaduwa Tourist places in and around Hikkaduwa From Rathgama Lake to Sea Turtle Breeding Center and Rescue Center.

Hikkaduwa National Park

A Natural world Stand-in Underwater

Hikkaduwa National Park has long been known as one of the most kaleidoscopic attractions on the southern coast of the island. Boasting of a wide range of coral and marine species, this reef is a bar that allows you to understand how diverse Sri Lanka is in terms of its wildlife. The Marine Park is one of the three marine national parks in the island and extends to a depth of about 5 meters. It is not known to many, but the National Park, especially the reef, acts as a major protector of the Hikkaduwa coast because it does not allow coastal erosion.

Reason You Should’ve Visit There

Go on a snorkeling or diving trip, and you may be lucky enough to meet some of the rare marine species such as the Olive Ridley turtle. In addition, you can experience several species of crabs, fish, shrimp, oysters and sea worms. If you are in the right place at the right time, you may be lucky enough to see the rare Black tip Reef Shark. During the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the national park was largely protected, with coral reefs acting as a barrier to waves.

Sea Turtle Hatchery and Rescue Centre In Hikkaduwa Beach

Task and The Beginnings

The Sea Turtle Breeding Center is located a few kilometers north of the main town of Hikkaduwa and aims to conserve some of the world’s most endangered species of turtles. It is just one of many turtle breeding grounds on the south coast of the island. Launched as a community project to protect biodiversity along the South Coast, it is now a fully-fledged breeding center with teams dedicated to the study, conservation and conservation of several species of turtles.

Protection Efforts

Currently, there are five species of turtles in the care of the Breeding and Rescue Center. Such species include the Olive Ridley turtle, the leatherback turtle, the loggerhead turtle, the hawk bill turtle, and the green turtle. All facilities at the Sea Turtle Breeding Center and Rescue Center are state-of-the-art, equipped with water tanks to care for newborn turtles, and also include adult turtle species rescued from the sea due to injuries. The turtle-laying area has a more distinctive view in the center, as they have small piles of sand arranged neatly next to each other. Each of these mounds is closely monitored to calculate the hatching process of the turtle eggs.

Hikkaduwa Beach

Selection of Fun-filled Events For Everyone

Since the 1960s, the coastal city of Hikkaduwa has been a major tourist attraction, mainly because of the ancient Hikkaduwa beach. Famous for its lush palm frond landscapes, the famous beach is perfect for any traveler looking for fun, relaxation, rest and relaxation. Many water sports excite adrenaline addicts with snooker, diving, surfing and much more. If you are looking for a more relaxed vacation, the beach is perfect for a family outing, having fun in the water or playing some beach volleyball. Hikkaduwa beach is an endless pastime.

Hikkaduwa Beach Is A Remarkable Heaven

Many restaurants, great spas and luxury resorts complement the beautiful beach, allowing you to experience the best hospitality in Sri Lanka. Explore the famous coral reef during the day and try some traditional Sri Lankan snacks like Iso Wade (similar to Fried Calamari) for a snooker ride. After sunset, join in the spectacular nightlife at the beach. Hikkaduwa Beach is a haven for tourists and whether you are a solo traveler or a family traveler, it is a perfect destination for some exciting activities.