Sri Lanka is a historical country in the world which has a very long history running back to more than 25000 years back. Krish Lanka International Pvt Ltd company owner as well as a Tourist Driver & Guide Mr. Thushara Krishantha is always searching for Historical information to share with Sri Lankan Travelers. History of this island is cannot be finished by even we write history articles for rest of our life.

That much of long history is exists in this country. Many more inscriptions, monuments, ruins and antiques finding around the archeological sites and in jungles are the proof for that long history. All these historical articles were studied by Mr Krish (Thushara Krishantha) and published here on his words. Still he’s willing to publish more and more articles which will help for travelers and for anyone who willing to study the history of Sri Lanka.

He collect those information by reading lots of books and discussing with many known historians. Some of articles include details collected from villagers who living there. He always thankful for his teachers and everyone who provide these historical information to him.

Special Thanks to everyone who wrote historical books about Sri Lanka. Locals as well as foreigners. Since Sri Lanka is a very interesting paradise for historians they loved to stay here and study the history and wrote thousands of books. Most of them were love to live here because of this history and culture.

Stay in touch with us for more Historical Articles. We’ll do our best and Mr Krish as well too to write it.

Here are all our Historical Articles

Jetavana Stupa

Jetavana Stupa in Anuradhapura

This massive pagoda named Jetavana Stupa built by King Mahasen for the first time, the Jetavana Buddhist Monastery, located in the Anuradhapura World Heritage Site, plays an important role in the development of the threefold Sasana of the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka. The buildings of this monastery complex are spread over an area of about 80 hectares. Read More

Sacred bodhi tree anuradhapura

Sacred Bodhi Tree Anuradhapura

This sacred tree is found in the sacred city of Anuradhapura. It is one of the holiest treasures in the world. 250 BC. The mission led by Mahinda Thera, the son of Emperor Dharmasoka of India, who sent to Sri Lanka to propagate Buddhism. Upon their arrival, King Devanam piyatissa received them with reverence and accepted Dhamma alms (Buddhism) and many became Buddhists. Read More

history articles ritigala monastory

Historical Background of Sri Lanka

According to the chronicles, there was a king named Ravana who lived between 5500 – 6000 years and annexed and ruled India, Malaysia, Thailand and several other countries. According to the Indian History Book, the famous Valmiki poet and folk tales of Sri Lanka are believed to have evolved in cities such as Nuwara Eliya, Ginigathhena, Sita Eliya, Ravana Ella and Wariyapola as a result. Read More