Our responsible travel & tourism policy highlights our assurance to protecting the environment, assisting local communities, defending those at risk and returning to our destinations. All of our travel leaders, guides, vendors and staff are trained on these principles and they are important for us to provide experienced, sustainable travel.

Local Dress:

When packaging, keep in mind that clothing standards are traditional throughout Asia, especially outside of major cities. To honor this and for your own suitability, we strongly recommend modest clothing. This means dressing to cover your shoulders and knees. In the predominantly hot climate of Asia, loose, light and long clothing is dignified and cool. In many rural areas of Asia, women even have to dress modestly to swim. Sunset is not acceptable without tank tops, tank tops and mustaches. Men should wear long pants and women should wear long skirts or sarees when going to places of worship.

Buddha Statues:

It is considered extremely disrespectful or illegal to pose your back for a photograph near a Buddha statue, and may include abusing Buddhist images, tattooing related to Buddhism, or wearing jewelry or clothing.

Elephant Exhibitions and Elephant Ride:

While we respect each person’s choices while traveling, we does not include elephant riding or unnatural performance activities on any route, We recommend that you avoid these activities if they are offered to you during your stay. Professional wildlife conservation and animal welfare organizations, including the World Wildlife Service, warn that, contrary to popular belief, slave elephants exist as wild animals and that despite good intentions.

Many places are not able to provide the elephants with the quality of life they need, and this eventually affects their well-Being. The argument is that the money you pay for the activity will have some merit in employing elephants and herdsmen, and we know that it will also lead to a demand for elephants to be captured or enslaved. We appreciate your support in improving the well-being of these grand creatures.