The southern coast of the island is full of many beautiful beaches for a perfect beach vacation, and the attractions in Mirissa tend to make it even more attractive. In addition to its scenic beach atmosphere, the seaside town is also known for some exciting water sports and natural attractions such as the Secret Beach and the famous Coconut Tree Mountain.

The most incredible thing about Sri Lanka is that this small island is home to two of the largest animals in the world: whales and elephants. Mirissa is without a doubt the best place to see whales in Sri Lanka. There are many tour operators here who provide this service and are very well prepared with life guards, meals and medicines for sea sickness.

Time to witness the gentle giants

Whale watching season is from November to April, when the sea is calmer and the warm waters attract migratory whales. Blue whales and sperm whales often come to this water, and blue whales are solitary animals, and sperm whales often move in spikes, so if you’re lucky you can see more than one whale! Killer whales, also known as orcas, occasionally come to the warm waters of Mirissa and are quite a sight to behold. While you are on your boat safari, you will also see large spirals of spinning dolphins swimming near your boat, a sight anyone can enjoy.

A Great hand on Experience for all

Although Mirissa is a great place to watch whales, please note that nothing can be guarantee even if you go in season. To increase your chances of seeing a whale, you should start your journey shortly before sunrise, as you are more likely to see a whale in the morning than during the day. Since you are in a boat for this excursion, it is a wonderful activity that can be done with the whole family and children of any age. If you are looking for a more romantic option, many tour operators will organize a boat ride for a more intimate experience for you and your loved one. However, this experience will be one you will never forget.

Turtle Bay to Visit

An oasis for endangered turtles

Turtle Bay is an amazing snorkeling site and, as the name suggests, is a great place to spot several turtles. There are seven species of turtles in the world, five of which can be found in Sri Lanka: the green turtle, the hawk turtle, the leather-back turtle, the loggerhead turtle and the olive ridley turtle. These turtles frequent the warm waters of the southern coast, especially between Unawatuna and Mirissa, where they come to nest.

The Best Time to Visit

Although the turtle nesting season seems to be the best time to observe these animals, the turtle watching season is actually between January and April shortly thereafter. During these egg-laying months, you can see hundreds of tiny turtles emerging from the golden sand and crawling into the ocean. It’s a bit painful to watch these little creatures move into the ocean and the great unknown. Behind the beach, there is a turtle breeding ground where you can learn more about the life cycle and conservation efforts of the turtle population in Sri Lanka.

Invites fun-filled activities

Turtle Bay is a great place for snooker or even swimming. The bay is extremely beautiful with clear blue water and golden sandy beaches with tall coconut trees. Also, as the bay is protected by coral reefs, you can enjoy your swim without worrying about the waves and strong currents, making it a wonderful place for the whole family..

Surfing as a Break to Enjoy

Sri Lanka is best known for its surfing waves and Mirissa is a great place for surfing. Located on the southern coast of the island, among other popular beaches such as Weligama and Matara, Mirissa is open from October to March. This makes the turquoise waters more calm and the monsoon rains move further north.

The Best Place for All Surfers

Throughout Mirissa, there are great waves suitable for surfers of all levels, and this is what makes Mirissa such a fun group vacation destination – even if you are a surf beginner you can always find the waves that suit you. Most pro surf surfaces are located on the Golden Beach, lined with high swing arms, which will give you the gear you need, ensuring you do not always need to hang a surfboard!

Mirissa Beach Surf Break is the perfect surf pause for learners and medium levelers, mainly those who want to get a feel for the surf. However, please be careful when navigating near the reef and be sure to go there only when you have a tidal wave as it can be quite dangerous when there is a tidal wave.

Even the most experienced surfers will enjoy this rest as it has good swelling up to 6 feet, but they will also enjoy some surf points just a short distance from Mirza in neighboring cities like Weligama and Midigama.

The Best Secret Beach in Mirissa

Secret Beach Mirissa is a small hidden beach with a bay at the edge of Mirissa Beach, the main beach of the city. While Secret Beach is no longer a secret (and its location is even on Google Maps!) It should definitely be on the list of must-see places in Mirissa. Although the beach has become more popular in recent years, it still does not attract as many visitors as the main beach, and it is still a hidden gem.

Three Separate Landscapes

The best thing about Secret Beach is its surroundings; The beach is made up of small beaches and is surrounded by small hills covered with lush green palm trees on either side. Secret Beach consists of three small beaches: Blue Lagoon, which is in front of the beach and is a tidal pool suitable for lazy swimming; Palm Cove, to the left of Blue Lagoon, is a wonderful snooker spot where the forest meets the sea; Shelly Beach is made up of a series of rock pools and even has a blower hole.

A Beach with Boundless Happenings to Treat In

Secret Beach is a must visit place in Mirissa. This one place has so much to offer from swimming to snooker lingering on the beach. Also, Sri Lanka is home to seven of the seven most common sea turtles in the South Seas, so keep an eye out for snooker

Most Famous Parrot Rock Mirissa

Parrot Rock is a small rock off the coast of Mirissa. Parrot Rock is a popular attraction as you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Mirissa beach covered with palm trees on one side and the blue horizon on the other. The rock is a great looking place, and little is known about the fact that the parrots have the most beautiful part of the rock beneath its surface.

Snorkeler’s Heaven is Mirissa

Parrot Rock is surrounded by small boulders that are now covered with coral reefs, providing an incredible snooker experience. The ‘season’ lasts from November to April, as the waters are calmer and the monsoon rains move further north. Of course, the water is so clear that you can still see underwater by standing on the beach and looking down, however, you should definitely go snooker as it is like entering another world. The coral reef is now home to a variety of colorful fish and aquatic life.

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa

An Incredible Observing Point

A 15 minute walk from Mirissa beach you will find a mountain of coconut trees and a small coconut tree on the top of the hill. The hill country has probably become the most Instagram spot in Mirissa and it is easy to see why; The whole mountain overlooks the beautiful ocean of turquoise and is lined with tall coconut trees swaying in the sea breeze. There is a clearing in the middle of the hill and you can get your perfect view of the coconut grove with the shining Indian Ocean behind it.

How to Reach Coconut Hill in Mirissa

Coconut Tree Mountain has a central location, so you can go down the main road and climb the mountain (it takes about two minutes) or you can walk along the beach. Since it is an easily accessible place, it is not very tiring and you do not need to climb mountains or anything, this makes it an easy activity for the whole family. The mountains are particularly beautiful at sunset but are more crowded during this time. If you are looking for a more romantic and intimate environment, try to go to the top of the mountain as it is truly spectacular.