Here are some of money matters in Sri Lanka. The official currency of Sri Lanka is the Rupee (LKR). There are many Bank ATMs all over Sri Lanka that accept both Visa and MasterCard. Although this is a safe and easy way to withdraw cash during your visit, we recommend that you carry some cash with you in case you do not have access to ATMs. Foreign currencies can be exchange at the arrival section of the airport. Also can exchange in outside through banks on official rates. In case of emergency, a certain amount of money should be taken as US dollars. Major credit cards are accepted in large stores and restaurants, but only in large cities. Some banks will offer cash advances against a credit card.

Spending money

When it comes to spending money on travel, every tourist is a little different. You know our spending habits better than we do, so please budget your choice of alternative foods, beverages, shopping, alternative activities and laundry. Make sure you read the travel details and entries we provide, then find out what you have included in the travel price and what you have to pay while traveling.


If you are satisfied with the services you have received, counseling – though not mandatory – is appropriate. While this may not be normal for you, it’s important for people who care about you during your travels, provide excellent service, and are an integral part of the tourism industry through many daring destinations. Although it may be difficult to get the sources, we advise you to carry small local currency notes with you every day to make the tips easier.

The following are personal suggestions based on local considerations and feedback from our past travelers:


Local Markets and Basic Restaurants – Round up your bill to the nearest US $ 1. More Top Market Restaurants We suggest 5% to 7% off your bill. Anyway, still you’ll pay 10% of your bill as the service charge which is included to your bill. That service charge will be shared with all works in the restaurant.

Local Guides:

You may have a local guide in addition to your tour guide throughout your trip. We recommend US $ 2-US $ 3 per day for local guides.


There may be a range of drivers on your trip. Some will be with you for a short trip and some may be with you for a few days. For those who are more involved with the team, we suggest a higher tip, however we do suggest $ 4- $ 5 per person per day for the bus and crew.

Your Travel Leader:

Consider advising your tour leader on outstanding service throughout your trip. The amount is entirely personal, however US $ 5 – US $ 6 per person per day can be used as a guide. Depending on your perception of service quality and the length of your trip, you are free to tip-off more or less as you satisfied. Remember, a tipping is not mandatory and should only be given when you receive excellent service.

Please do not tip with coins, very small denomination notes or dirty and torn notes. This is culturally considered an insult.