What to bring in our packing will be depending on the type of tour you have selected, the countries you are visiting and the time you are visiting. In overall, we endorse that you pack as lightly as possible and carry your own baggage and make sure you can walk a short distance with it.

If you travel lightly, a light bag with a shoulder strap will suffice, but most travelers carry their luggage in a bag. Backpacks with small bags or wheels are convenient, but we recommend that you have portable straps in your bag. A lockable bag or small lock is useful.

You will need a suitcase / bag to carry water, cameras, and jackets with you when you explore during the day and for an overnight hike into the tea estates.

Below are some ideas and helpful tips on what you particularly need for this trip.


  • Less weight clothing. You will want to bring a mix of light clothing and warm layers. Long shirts and pants are useful for protection from mosquitoes. Clothes should be easy to wash and dry which maybe you can do it by yourself or even you use laundry service, it will be faster. Maybe change into smart clothes for a Colombo dinner will be better. Please bring knee-length sleeves and trousers / skirts for entry to local temples. For women, a light scarf to cover the shoulders and arms when hot is also a good idea.
  • Closed shoes help protect your feet from cuts and scratches when traveling through cities as well as through bushes / meadows, and also act as a barrier protection in rare cases against bites or stings.
  • Sun protection – Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses


  • The hilly region of Sri Lanka can be cold especially during tea plantations. Please bring a light, warm waterproof jacket.
  • Lightweight climbing suits such as climbing shoes, socks and synthetic t-shirt styles that eliminate moisture
  • Personal Medicine Kit. Your leader will have a large kit, but we recommend that you carry items such as mild painkillers, electrolytes, Band-Aids and insect repellents.
  • Water bottle. We recommend a capacity of at least 1.5 liters. The sale of bottled water is contributing to a massive environmental problem around the world.
  • Camera / Mobile phone, charging cables & charging adapter.


  • Beware of street noise, barking dogs and snarls.
  • A good book, magazine and musical instrument.

Luggage Limitation:

It will be better to keep your luggage to a minimum. A bag with a small soft side and a day pack (no more than 15-20 kg in total per person) are essential. We recommend carrying hard / outer framed luggage as it is difficult to store and can damage equipment and other baggage. If your trip starts and ends in one place, extra luggage can usually be stored at your arrival / departure hotel and collected after your journey.


Please refrain from carrying unnecessary valuables and use your hotel safe. It is also a good idea to buy a purse or bag that can be easily hidden. We strongly endorse that you should need to photocopy all important documents. As examples keep airline tickets, passports, vaccination certificates, and transcripts separate from the originals. Invalid, but makes it very easy to get a replacement if you need a photocopy.

Battery / Power:

Many of our trips have the power to recharge batteries for phones and cameras every day. We recommend carrying an extra battery for your camera and / or portable power bank.