Sri Lankan government and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority provide regularly updated foreign travel advice on security issues associated with international travel. We endorse that you check your government advice for their latest travel information before you leaving. Check with your insurance company and make sure your travel insurance covers you for all of your travel destinations and activities. All these are for your safety. Please visit our Safe Page at our website:

We strongly recommend that you carry a wallet or purse around your neck to keep your passport, air ticket, cash and other valuables safe. At home keep your jewelry and more valuable unnecessary stuff for traveling – you will not need it on the go. Many of our hotels have safe deposit boxes, which are the safest way to store your valuables. A lock is recommended to secure your luggage.

Your leader will go together with you on all the activities included. However, during your visit you will have some free time to pursue your own interests or to relax and unwind. Your leader will assist you with the options available at a given location, and please note that any alternative activity you undertake is not part of your planned journey, and we makes no representations about the safety of the activities or the quality of the operators who execute them. . Please use your own good judgment when choosing an activity in your spare time. Please note that your leader has the power to modify or cancel any part of the trip if it is deemed necessary for security reasons.

Our operating safety and security policies can be viewed on our website at the link below. We recommend that you take a moment to read this information before you visit, and will appreciate any feedback on how we manage the security of our travels.

Political Strain:

Protests, Marches and large public gatherings can become violent, or a target for politically motivated attacks. The police have been in reaction to protests and tear gas and water attacks. Curfew can be imposed at short notice. You should avoid large public meetings and follow the advice of your leader. Some security forces maintain a visible presence, especially in the North and East. Army and police checkpoints can be set up and road closures can be made without warning.

Local laws:

You should always carry an official photo ID – a copy of your passport is a good idea. Keep in mind that smoking and drinking are illegal in most public places.

Bicycle helmets: Please note that helmets are not always provided for viewing scenes on bicycles. If you like, you can take your own stuff.