Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is an island 65,610km in extent surrounded by the Indian Ocean located off the southern tip of India. It's geographic co-ordinates are 5.55" – 9.55" Northern latitudes and 79.42" – 81.52" Eastern longitudes.

The north central and the southern eastern plains are the largest with scattered hills. In the middle of the Island are the central highlands rising up over 2500 meters. Highest Peak Piduruthalagala – 2524m. Most rivers originate in the central mountains and flows down to the plains. Longest river Mahaweli river – 334km (Great Sandy)

  • Climate

    Average temperature in the coastal areas is around 28c year around with the temperature dropping to 16c in the central highlands. Annual rainfall is mainly from two monsoons – the southern monsoon while the Northern monsoon from December to January brings rain to the Northern and Eastern regions. Inter monsoon rains may occur in March / April. Average humidity is 80% though it can be high as 90% in the coastal regions

  • Population

    21.5 million (2011 census) main ethnic groups Sinhalese – 74.5%, Sri Lanka Tamil – 11.9% Indian Tamil – 4.6%, Moors – 8.3%

  • Religions

    Therawadi Buddhism – 69.5%, Hindu 12.5%, Islam 8.6%, Roman Catholic – 7.8%, Anglican – 1.6%

  • Language

    Sinhala and Tamil are national languages while English is widely spoken.

  • Time

    Sri Lanka's standard time is 51/2 hours ahead of Greenwich Time. Monday to Friday working week is followed by government organizations and most private organizations too.

  • Public Holidays

    Sri Lanka has one of the highest public holidays in the world. 26 in total. Most Buddhist, Hindu Catholic and islam special days are holidays and bars and public places of entertainment are closed.

  • Currency

    Sri Lanka rupees divided in to 100 cents. Currency notes used Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000


  • Surfing

    Surfing in the Sri Lanka is an extraordinary life experience

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  • Hiking

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  • Safari

    Sri Lanka's wildlife is as varied as the island itself, ranging from elephants and leopards to egg-laying turtles and a huge variety of birds

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  • Cycling

    your biking tour with us is an experience in itself and not just another peddling tour

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  • Water Sports

    Water Sports can be enjoyed at almost any tourist town along the coast.

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  • Camping

    camping in Sri Lanka is the most exciting way to stay overnight in nature.

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