Sri Lanka Tours & Excursions

While Sri Lanka for Vacation Tours offers a number of pre planned Sri Lanka tour packages and holiday arrangements we take pride in customising all packages according to your needs and requirements. Feel free to combine various tour packages or create your own. Our dedicated and friendly staff will help you all the way from airport till back to airport for departure. The following tour categories are designed to make your decision easier.

  • Sri Lanka Cultural Tours

    Explore Sri Lanka's rich heritage with our Sri Lanka cultural Tours. Visit the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, climb the famous rock fortress of Sigiriya, be amazed by the cave temples of Dambula and the many other highlights which are making Sri Lanka's culture so unique.

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  • Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours

    Sri Lanka is known for its diverse wildlife. There are not many places in this world where you can see wild elephants along with leopards, bears, wild boars, monkeys and many, many more animals. Thousands of migrating and domestic birds make Sri Lanka a paradise for bird watchers. Or wildlife tours can include 4x4 Jeep Safaris, guided trekking through pristine rain forests and luxury camping in one of the major National Parks.

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  • Sri Lanka Adventure Tours

    Sri Lanka Adventure Tours are for the more pro-active visitor to Sri Lanka. Cycling, trekking, white river rafting, elephant & jeep safaris are just a few of the exciting options. Ideal for families and groups.

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  • Sri Lanka Budget Tours

    Especially young, independent travelers to Sri Lanka find our Sri Lanka Budget Tours the best option to discover the island in a pleasant and affordable way. What our selected guesthouses and private homes might lack in general hotel facilities they easily make by a family atmosphere and highly competitive rates.

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  • Surfing Tours Sri Lanka

    Surfing Sri Lanka is world-renowned for surfing and has breaks to suit all levels, so whether you're a die-hard surfer or you've yet to master standing on a board, you'll be in seventh heaven. The country is a year-round destination due to seasonal patterns that make one beach bustling while the other stays calm.

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  • Diving

    With warm Indian Ocean currents to bathe in and 1600km of palm-fringed coastline, Sri Lanka is an amazing diving destination. Sri Lanka's waters are home to incredible marine life, from giant blue whales to tiny nudibranchs

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  • Honeymoon Tours

    A honeymoon in Sri Lanka is quite hard to resist as it has so many flavors in terms of its spices, culture, natural beauty and warm lovely people. There is so much to do and see here, you will never get enough of this place. Whether it's a romantic getaway on the beach or an adventure in the mountains, there's everything for all types of couples. So, here are an amazing chance to enjoy your honeymoon in Sri Lanka to get you thinking about how you want to flaunt your intimate days.

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  • Cycling Tours

    Sri Lanka is a hot and humid country, but the interior has high altitudes and areas with good conditions for cycling.

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  • Motorbike tours

    Yes, that's more fun. You are required to have your foreign license verified by the Sri Lankan government before operating a motor vehicle within the country, including a motorcycle. Once you present them with a valid license from your home country and an IDP, they'll issue you a permit to drive within the country.

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  • Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours

    Mirissa offers a fantastic stay by the sea and is probably the best and most popular area for whale watching in Sri Lanka. What makes it a prime spot for whale watching is its geographic location: the continental shelf is at its narrowest point, and the ocean reaches just 1 km offshore.

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  • Sri Lanka Round Tours

    Make a round tour in Sri Lanka on your holiday which will give you a toally different experience. Different culture with many different kind of activities, local foods, local drinks will give you a memorable journey throughout Sri Lanka.

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  • Surfing

    Surfing in the Sri Lanka is an extraordinary life experience

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  • Hiking

    visit some exciting places for hiking in Sri Lanka

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  • Safari

    Sri Lanka's wildlife is as varied as the island itself, ranging from elephants and leopards to egg-laying turtles and a huge variety of birds

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  • Cycling

    your biking tour with us is an experience in itself and not just another peddling tour

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  • Water Sports

    Water Sports can be enjoyed at almost any tourist town along the coast.

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  • Camping

    camping in Sri Lanka is the most exciting way to stay overnight in nature.

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