Foggy forests, winding through lush tea plantations, flowing waterfalls and streams, and ancient colorful cities and vibrant locals, in our opinion, this is the most beautiful train ride in the world. But this train ride is not just an incredible sight. It is also shocking in visit Ella.

Everyone you meet seems to greet you with a genuine smile. Groups of local boys singing, dancing and playing drums. Vendors ran across the train sipping sweet tea and snacks, and tourists hung their heads out of the window, gazing in amazement at its beauty. Literally, everyone has wide eyes and is happy, which is hard to find today and in old age.

The most scenic part of the trip is from Nanu Oya to Ella. Also, through the dense jungle of Horton Plains National Park. Hence, we recommend getting a window seat or standing between the gates and enjoying the view as they pass.

After visit in historical sites like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. This attraction will be the best relaxation place.

Appreciate Ella’s famous nine arches bridge

It’s astonishing to think that a bridge could drive tourists in droves to Ella, yet the Nine Arch Bridge, just outside the town, has done just that. 

The Nine Arch Bridge is flanked by verdant forests and tea plantations, standing proudly across the valley below. On misty days, low cloud hangs in the valley, giving the whole area a moody, mystical feel.

Completed in 1921, the Nine Arch Bridge is built entirely out of brick, rock and cement, with no metal used in its construction – an engineering feat back in those days. Spanning 91 meters at a height of 24 feet, the bridge is on the famous Kandy to Bandarawela (via Ella) train line, with trains passing around five times a day, depending on the ever changing Sri Lankan train timetable. 

Although train times are notoriously unreliable in Sri Lanka, trains tend to pass the Nine Arch Bridge around the following times: from Ella 6:20, 10:55, 11:45, and 18:35. To Ella 6:35, 13:25, 17:00 and 18:26

There are many places to view the bridge from, with the most popular being from the actual bridge itself, and below from the tea plantation (this is private land, so please ask for permission before entering). 

How to get to Nine Arch Bridge, Ella

You can grab a tuk tuk from Ella town to the new arch bridge for around Rs. 2000-2500, which is the fastest and easiest option. It will also take you to the Nine Arches Bridge without having to walk at least 10 meters.

Alternatively, you can take the Ella-Passara road and turn left at the Sri Kanasar Temple (where all the street food stalls are). Follow the signs that pass through most guest houses until you reach the Nine Arches Bridge.

Climb the famous hanging rock

For those who are looking for scenic views wherever they go, Ella, Little Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock Mountain with views over the waterfall gap are one advantageous place you will not want to miss.

Starting from the famous Ella Railway Station, you will follow the railway line from Ella to Kandy past many beautiful waterfalls, bridges, tea estates and houses before you start your ascent to the top of the cliffs – some expect to have a coconut in hand. Extra energy. We definitely needed it; It’s hard to climb to the top of the mountain in that fierce sun!

After the convention, we enjoyed an incredible view for at least an hour, eating some of our vegetarian bread and plenty of water.

The path to the summit can be a bit complicated, however, so if you follow the clearly marked paths and ignore the (sometimes deliberately misleading) statements, you should not have much trouble (this in-depth note will help you get there) . After all, the trek takes about 2 hours to climb, but remember to pack enough water and snacks for your trip.

Appreciate the views of the Gap hanging from visit ella Little Adams Peak

If the intense sunrise is not really impressive, but you are still interested in moving your legs and exploring the countryside of Sri Lanka, it is worth checking out the easy climb to Little Adam’s Peak.

Little Adam’s Peak, a similarly shaped, but much older brother named Adam’s Peak, is a two-hour drive from the town of Ella, starting with lush tea plantations and slowly making its way to the first set. From here, you will get a 360 degree view of the giant Ella Rock and Ella Gap towards the perfect Udawalawe National Park for photography.

As the scenery is not the most scenic and busy, we definitely advise you to continue the trek up the hill. The return route follows the other side of the mountain, before heading slowly back towards Ela towards the incredible 98 acre resort.

On the way back, stop by the small wooden hut to relax and grab a refreshing royal coconut.

We recommend climbing in the evening and watching the glorious sunset. Since there is little shade to hide from the bright sun, be sure to advise against medieval mountaineering – this is where one of the worst travel burns we’ve ever had!

Appreciate the rushing Ravana Falls

Outside the falls, on the winding road to Wellawaya to the south, is one of the most accessible places in Sri Lanka: Ravana Falls.

According to local legend, King Ravana abducted Princess Sita and hid her in caves hidden in the forest behind the waterfall in retaliation for Sita’s husband (Rama) cutting off her sister’s nose.

Today, the 25-foot-tall, multi-layered waterfall is hidden, depending on its location adjacent to the road from the south to the falls, but it is no less attractive, especially if you are trying to climb further up the second and third level falls. The views of the valley below from the top of Ravana Falls are spectacular and worth a bit of steep and uncertain climbing.

To ascend, follow the tracks to the right of the waterfall and slowly ascend, following well-trodden paths. Be warned though – this hike should only be completed during the dry months due to high water levels and with the assistance of a local guide. During the wet months, the stream that flows down this waterfall is a sight to behold, spraying the road and the area.

Since the area can be quite busy during the day, we recommend visiting in the morning or evening. Also, be sure to get King Coconut (LKR 100) or Boiled Corn (LKR 100) from a street vendor before heading back to the falls!

Party, eat, and cool Visit Ella on Holiday

If you are coming to Sri Lanka looking for a complete festive destination like Thailand or Bali, we want to humiliate you now as this country is definitely not your place. That is, Ella is the only place in Sri Lanka that offers western food and a small but decent night’s rest.

Main Street, which has seen a radical transformation (for the worse, in our opinion) over the past few years, is centered around Ella’s backpacker scene. Once a sleepy, vibrant main street lined with local markets and restaurants, it is now a hub that feels a bit like a new cafe and bar, boutique shop and Asian backpacker city.

If you like access to the mix, the best place to take it all is Cafe Chill in downtown. Offering delicious western-style food, cocktails and a good soundtrack, Cafe Chill is the place to stay for cool kids.

At night, the upper deck becomes the perfect bar / lounge for a few lion beers. We can highly recommend the vegetarian burger, which is our Western style treat during the month of eating rice and curries.

Further to the train station are a number of relaxing bars serving beer and cocktails, some of which are open 24 hours a day, including Bob Marley-inspired Cafe One Love.